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Men's Sexual Healing Session

First prepare the space: choose a quiet, private place where you will be undisturbed for at least an hour. Turn off the telephone. Light a candle and some incense. Put on celestial or rhythmic trance music. Be sure the room is comfortably warm. Consider a bath or hot tub for starters to help you relax. Adjust your massage table or bed so that you can both be comfortable.

1. Begin by locating the Prostate Point. This point is located approximately midway between the anus and the scrotum. Look for a slight indentation while the Beloved tightens and relaxes his pc muscle. You can put considerable pressure on this point, using several fingers, and many men find this very pleasurable as they approach orgasm. Ask for feedback.

2. The Male Deer Exercise. Rub your hands together to charge them up. The Lover may cup the testicles in his/her hand while the Beloved places a hand one inch below the navel and makes 81 clockwise circles on the abdomen or the roles may be reversed. Then make 81 circles counterclockwise. Then tighten both the inner and outer anal sphincter and hold as long as comfortable. Relax completely and repeat as many times as you can without discomfort. The man can also do the Deer Exercise alone, using first the left hand, then the right to hold his testicles.

3. Tantra Polarity. The Lover stands or sits on the right side of the Beloved. Rub your hands together to charge them up. Place your left hand on the Beloved's Heart (Fourth Chakra) and the right hand on the perineum & scrotum (First Chakra). Hold this position for at least five minutes, then move the right hand up to the pubic area (Second Chakra) covering the lingam for another five minutes. Use your intuition or follow the Beloved's requests to include other chakras.

4. The Lover then begins holding points around the perineum, inner thighs, scrotum, and pubic bone. Explore the area where the muscles of the inner thigh attach to the pelvic basin. Explore the midline of the scrotum and the base of the penis. Explore the perineum and around the anus. Explore the area over and along the ridge of the pubic bone. Hold each point for three full breaths (longer if you feel an energy block or the Beloved tells you you've hit a tender area.) If tender, lighten the pressure and hold until you feel a release. Instruct the Beloved to breath into any painful areas, using the natural breath.

5. Begin GENTLY stroking and massaging the lingam and scrotum using lots of oil or lube. Try different rhthyms, pressures, and directions. The most sensitive area is the underside of the head of the lingam. You can use your left hand to move energy up to the heart chakra or stimulate his breasts. Continue to check in with the Beloved to see what feels good. Remind him to let you know if he's approaching orgasm so you can stop stimulation while he squeezes the love muscles and/or apply pressure to the Prostate Point while he takes a deep breath, holding as long as comfortable before exhaling and relaxing the love muscles entirely (The Holdback or Pleasure Extender). When his erection is reduced by at least 30% you can resume stimulation and repeat. If he is not erect, continue to gently stroke and massage the genital area as long as desired.

6. To conclude, return to the First and Fourth Chakra Tantra Polarity Holds. Remember to breath. Enjoy! You can also combine this session with the Circular Breathing session.

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